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The Town Planner calendar is a wonderful family-friendly resource mailed FREE every year to homes around town in Monmouth County. Arnie Schwartzman has been publishing local calendars since 2000.

For homeowners, the Town Planner provides year-round information on what’s happening in our community, great savings from local merchants, and beautiful full color photography of the most scenic spots in our hometown. We publish 7 calendars in the Monmouth County area.

For merchants, the Town Planner puts you ON DISPLAY EVERY DAY — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! The calendar is such a useful tool that folks keep it hanging up in a handy spot all year long, making sure they see your company name every time they go to the fridge, to the front door, or to their office. In addition to our yearly print calendar, our website, weekly newsletter, and smart phone app are updated every day to ensure that you can always find out where to go to have fun or to save money!

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