Advertising With Us...

The Town Planner Calendar is the “foundation” for ALL your media exposure. With our constant visibility in the home we are building name awareness for your business 24/7 and making you look like “an old friend” when consumers see your next promotion. Our sponsors constantly tell us that when they get on Town Planner it does not compete or fight with their other media efforts, but rather we enhance and increase results for their other media.

Being the center point of family activity makes the Town Planner a perfect place for your business to be seen and referenced. Beautiful local photography, useful community information, important phone numbers and local business savings all make this calendar useful to families in the communities we serve.

Many consumers write to request additional copies of the calendar to share with family or friends – some even offer to pay. Can you say that about any other advertising medium?

Here are only a few of the ways the Town Planner is a smart investment for your advertising dollar: ​

  • Keeps your message on display every day

  • Thousands of sponsors currently include Town Planner in their marketing budgets

  • Annual surveys by the VeraFast Corporation tell us 7 of 10 families keep and use their Town Planner each year

  •  Over 4,000,000 million families currently receive our print version

  •  Longest visible shelf life as compared to other media

  • Flexible monthly ad copy for seasonal promotions

  •  Builds goodwill and top of mind awareness in your target communities

  • Supported by an array of digital tools: website, social media, and email newsletters 

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